Studies show that being more active can make positive changes to so many areas in our lives, emotional, social, and even financial. Here are 4 ways getting active can improve your overall wellbeing. 

1. Feel better, improve your health: 

When you’re active, you could have more energy in the day and sleep better at night. Physical activity also releases those feel-good hormones (endorphins) which can relieve depression and stress. Being active could prevent or improve some risk factors for cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. 

 2. Save money: 

High levels of debt threaten not only our financial stability, but cause major health issues too. It’s simple: being more active contributes to being healthier, which can reduce healthcare costs. Also, by doing something you enjoy, you won’t be as bored, meaning you can save money on other expenses.

3. Make money: 

You get up to R12 000* back in HealthReturns every year, or up to 60% off your Momentum life insurance premiums every month through product rewards and more.
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4. Get Active Dayz™:

 At Multiply, we believe that you should love what you do, which is why you get to choose how you move to earn your Active Dayz™.