Money is a powerful thing. American novelist Louise Mensch once said: “Money gives you the power to do whatever you want to do. I like the idea of being in complete control of my life.”
The truth is, planning and managing your money can improve your financial wellness status. Improving your financial wellness status is powerful, it can even help you to sleep better at night, and reduce your financial stress. Financial stress can be detrimental. International research – which was confirmed by Momentum’s own research team – found that a strong relationship exists between a person’s financial health and physical health, meaning that a reduction in financial stress will improve your physical health.  

Physical wellness and financial wellness are indeed connected 

If you are physically healthy – exercise often, eat healthy and get enough sleep – then your chances of being financially healthy are better. Also, because you are healthier, you’re more likely to reduce your financial outlays on health, which in turn will make more money available for other needs.  

Get money happy

So, if you struggle with financial stress, you’re more likely to suffer from health problems. Get your money matter sorted and there will be some immediate relief. 
How? Take control by starting to exercise and drawing up a budget and financial plan, which sets the targets you want to achieve. Next? Talk to a financial adviser. Sometimes it can help to just speak to someone who knows. 
Knowing where you stand financially will put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to peace of mind and your money. 
Ready to start your journey to financial wellness? Then see what our financial tool box has for you here.