The festive season is about getting together to celebrate…but with everyone being on holiday, the temptation to indulge is oh-so-strong. Being on holiday is no excuse to slack and undo all the hard work that went into creating a healthier you.  There are many fun and creative ways you can stay healthy this festive season.
Get active
Exercise is just as important during the holidays as any other time of the year. The question is not whether you want to exercise or not, but how you want to exercise. If the idea of going to the gym isn’t inspiring you to get active, there are many other ways to burn calories.
         Strap on your fitness device and head to the mall for a shopping marathon. Visit plenty of shops to compare prices before you commit to purchasing. Not only will that save you money, but you will be closer to achieving your goal to walk 10 000 steps in a day to earn an active day.
         Enjoy your time off and go for an early morning jog/run.
         Chase the kids around the garden or park.
Maintain a balanced diet
Healthy eating does not always have to mean eating boring food. Replace some of your favourite treats with smarter alternatives.
         Replace ice-cream with frozen yoghurt,
         Candy with dried fruit,
         Fizzy drinks with water, and
         Bake/grill instead of frying.
The key is to work your festive season events and activities around your health regime, and not the other way around. If you’re looking for activity inspiration, read this articleon activities to enjoy with the family these holidays