It’s time to pack away the shorts and summer dresses. With autumn nearing its end, and winter lurking on the horizon, comfort food cravings are on a steady increase, well at least for us they are. So if you are like us, and want to be more proactive about what you eat to stay warm and cozy this winter, here’s a countdown of our must-try healthy winter recipes. 

1. Roasted butternut pizza 
Yes, you read correctly, we said pizza. But this time instead of the traditional dough base, we replaced it with a vegetable. This way you get to enjoy the comfort and flavors of pizza while maintaining a balanced diet. Who said eating vegetables can’t be fun? Here’s the recipe

2. Chicken stew 
It’s not winter until you have a good stew. This recipe needs just 5 ingredients, talk about taking it easy in winter! What’s best about this recipe is that you can even freeze it for eating later on. Here is the recipe. If you’re not a big fan of chicken, try this aromatic beef stew instead.

3. Winter dessert 
If you’re of the sweet-tooth disposition, you will absolutely love this one. All you need is just a few of your favourite winter fruits and a dollop of Greek yoghurt to top it off. How’s that for dessert? Here is the recipe.

4. Curried butternut squash soup 
What would a winter food countdown be without soup? You can never go wrong with a good butternut soup. You can have this for breakfast, lunch or supper, but not all in one day because you still need to eat a good variety of food so that your body can have all the nutrients it needs. Click here for the recipe

5. Winter salad 
A lot of people forget about salads in winter, missing out on the freshness and zest a salad can bring to a meal. If you’re looking for a quick, easy meal or side dish, this winter salad is just what you need. 

Winter food does not always have to be boiled and blend. Go on try these great recipes. Your waistline and family will thank you for it.