You open your eyes in the morning, it’s freezing, it’s dark, you’re snuggled up under two thick blankets and the last thing you want to do is leave your warm cocoon to go for a run. Or it’s already dark when your leave work and all your want to do is go home, have a comforting supper, curl up on the couch and watch TV with gym being the furthest thing on your mind. Winter tends to make us hibernate – we eat more and we move much less. But we’re not bears. Our bodies need to be active all year round to be healthy and and happy. 

Here’s are some tips to help you keep active this winter:

1. Exercise at home 
There’s no need to venture out in the cold at all when you can pull out that old yoga mat and get active in your living room. Find a home workout you enjoy, whether it’s high-intensity body weight circuits, yoga or a dance video on YouTube.

2. Go for a lunchtime walk 
In South Africa, we’re a bit luckier because our winter days are usually filled with warm sunshine. Take advantage of that by fitting in a 30 minute walk around your office grounds during your lunch break.

3. Sign up for a class
Put your name down for that spinning class at gym you’ve always wanted to try or sign up for something different like boxing classes. Committing to something new will motivate you to get out of the house – and get active.

4. Set a goal for spring
Set a goal to achieve in September, such as signing up for race, fitting into a smaller size, learning a new sport or skill or even booking a beach holiday for summer. Use the winter to actively work towards that goal every day.

5. Find a winter buddy
Get a friend or colleague who has the same fitness goals and fitness level as you to join you on your winter workouts. Knowing someone else is relying on you is a great motivator and will reduce the chances of either of you missing a workout.

Winter is a tough three months but armed with these strategies, you’ll find your winter mojo in no time.