Becoming fit and healthier is a common goal many people set at the beginning of the year, especially after holiday eating. There are common mistakes people make when working towards this goal, and we want to help you avoid those mistakes. Here are three key ways to help you not to sabotage your fitness goals.  

1. Get your diet right 
You know what they say, “You can’t out-train a poor diet.’’. Your body needs proper nutrition to remain healthy and perform at its best. Aim to maintain a balanced diet, and reduce your intake of unhealthy foods. Be wary of fad diets, especially if they exclude food groups as this might compromise the balance of your diet. 

2. Have a plan of action to achieve your fitness goals 
Merely signing up to join a gym is not enough. Plan your weekly exercise and make sure to get a good variety of activities so that you can give your body a full workout. If you are not one to enrol for class workouts, set up an appointment with a professional trainer at your gym so that they can help you understand the various machines on the floor. This way, you don’t just walk in and exercise based on machine availability, but in line with your personal fitness goals. 

3. Don’t overcompensate with exercise 
Even though exercise is essential to becoming healthier and fit, you should not neglect all the other factors that contribute to this, like maintaining a healthy diet, staying hydrated and sleeping enough. Many people fall into the trap of eating unhealthy food and hoping that exercise will miraculously negate the effects of a poor diet and continue to achieve their fitness goals. That might result in not having enough energy to sustain you through workouts, or even negating all the effort you put into exercising. 

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