The sun starts getting higher over the horizon and Nicki’s alarm goes off to let her know it’s 6am and time to rise and shine. She quickly checks her Polar Loop fitness device, which she bought from the Multiply online shop at a 20% discount, and sees she slept soundly for 7.5 hours. That’s great, she thinks, no wonder I feel ready for a good workout at gym.

A quick change into her active gear, with those cute new leggings she got from Edgars using her 15% discount vouchers, and she’s off to the Curves a few kilometres away. She has a good workout, earns her active day and heads home to quickly whip up a spinach and banana smoothie in the NutriBullet for her and hubby. Don’t forget it’s date night tonight, she tells him as he leaves for work. 

She has a few minutes to spare before going to work so she orders flowers for her mum’s birthday from NetFlorist at a 4% discount and books Mango flights to Cape Town during the long weekend in June. With 15% off flights, quick romantic getaways are so much more affordable. 

After work, she checks her grocery list and heads to Pick n Pay to stock up on food for the week, and Dis-Chem to buy their toiletries – and with the swipe of her cards, she gets 6% in cashbacks on everything she’s bought. She snaps her till slips using the SnapnSave app and scores an additional 10% in cashbacks on the cash she’s already getting back from SnapnSave for the items she booked.

She and her husband start date night at Col’Cacchio for artisanal, wood-fired pizzas. She’s grateful for the carb-conscious options – and the 15% discount vouchers she gets with Multiply. Then it’s off to Nu Metro to watch Avengers: Endgame in 3D for only R63. They’re both big fans of the Marvel movies and can’t wait to see how the saga ends.

That night, as Nicki snuggles in bed in her Pure Pleasure cotton quilt from the Multiply online shop, she smiles contently in the knowledge that she’s truly living life multiplied.

*Benefits based on a Multiply Provider member on Level 3.