Thinking of buying yet another toolbox or “Dad of the year” mug? Stop right where you are! The best gifts are those that come from the bottom of your heart – and gifts that come from the heart don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are ten thoughtful things you and the kids can do to show your appreciation for dad this Father’s Day. 

1. Let him sleep in 
Don’t wake him up until he is ready to get up on his own, and make him a cup of coffee as soon as he’s awake.  

2. Divide and conquer 
Does dad have tasks he frequently does every weekend? Do them for him. If they are too much to complete alone while he sleeps, divide the tasks amongst the kids – they can take out the trash and wash the dishes. 

3. Gather the troops (your kids) and make dad’s favourite meal. It will be extra special if everyone participated in putting it together, plus it will be more cost-effective than eating out.

4. Serve him breakfast in bed
5. Organise his toolbox 
6. Clean the garage 
7. Clean his car inside and outside

8. Give him a day-off 
Offer to take the kids to the park so that dad can watch the game uninterrupted. Kick it up a notch by preparing him some delicious snacks before you leave. 

9. Give the gift of words
Gather the kids and write dad a letter, mentioning the ten things you love and appreciate about him. 

10. Have a family night  or afternoon
If dad is big on family get-togethers, pull out some board games and hold a family games night. 

Have you seen our Father’s Day video?

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