You’re panting now, your breath reduced to mere wisps. Your legs feel heavier than the petrol price and your muscles burn with a fiery scream, telling your mind to “Stop just stop please stop!” But your mind tells your legs to shush and you persevere and you cross the finish line. You experience euphoria like no other and your post-race glow lights up your face for days after. You’re an elite athlete. And you should get rewarded for it. 

What are elite events?
Elite events are our way of saying well done for completing a race that not everyone can. We have selected a few events in the following categories which we understand requires training and effort to complete:
• Road running
• Trail running
• Cycling
• Mountain biking
• Swimming
• Canoeing
• Triathlons

When you complete one of these events and log it on Entrytime, you get your 1 active day but also 10 or 20 extra points, depending on the event. 

How does it work?
1. Complete one of our approved high-endurance elite events.
2. Once you’ve rested and recovered, click here to log your event. 
3. Log in and follow the steps to claim your points. 
4. Make sure you select Elite Event as the Event Type and then choose one of the listed events. 
5. Once your claim has been validated by Entrytime, which can take up to 5 days, Multiply will allocate your points to you within 48 hours. 

Bonus! Completing an elite event unlocks the 240 points available across all categories, for Active Dayz™. 

High-endurance, high rewards!