Trying to stay healthy at work does not have to turn into a separate part-time job on its own. Try these easy ideas: 

1. Switch up your lunch routine

Ask a colleague or two to start a healthy lunch club where you swap lunches once or twice a week. It’s bound to be interesting because of the culinary influences in their cultural backgrounds.

What to do: Find your best recipes and put a healthy spin on them by replacing some ingredients with healthier options. You might also want to have a look at our tasty, healthy work lunch box ideas.

2. Stop overeating healthy snacks 

Many people assume that because certain foods are healthy, it means they can enjoy unlimited quantities without any effects. If you are trying to lose weight or maintain a certain weight, be careful not to overeat as that may interfere with your efforts. 

What to do: Plan your meals and snacks before you go to work so that you can reduce the chances of overeating absentmindedly.

3. Stay on the move 

It’s easier to sink into the comfort of your daily routine, but that is likely not to yield any new results. Consciously choose to stand up more. Being healthier will not only impact how you feel, but it will save you money too since you will be less likely to be sick. And if you’re a Momentum Multiply Premier member, you stand to get higher discounts and rewards for being healthier. 

What to do: Ask for a standing desk, or make your own by stacking boxes on your desk to place your laptop on when standing. Kick it up a notch by physically going to colleagues’ desks or offices instead of sending emails.

4. Have a chat with a colleague

Talking to someone who knows and understands your work environment can make you feel like your points are understood and valid in a different way than when you tell your spouse or friends.  And no, we’re not suggesting that you book a 2-hour sob-session – nobody has time for that. It can be an informal chat when making tea or a chat over lunch. 

5. Turn up the volume

Music can make you feel uplifted, relaxed and happier. If you work in an environment where you can work with earphones on, go ahead and plug-in now and then. Select a playlist of songs that remind you of good times, like the songs you frequently heard last summer and watch your mood improving.