With winter a cold reality and the world in turmoil, no-one wants to have the added stress of colds and flu. Many of us fall victim to seasonal flu. It’s inevitable right? But what if there are things that you can do to boost your immune system and help you steer clear of the sniffles? Here are our top tips to protect you this season.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. What we put in our bodies matter. Eat foods that are high in nutritional value and skip the processed and sugary foods. Choose real foods like fruits, vegetables, natural protein from eggs and meat and healthy fats. Here is a great article on eating real food. Add some anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric, ginger and garlic and supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals.

Get enough zzz

It is recommended that adults get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Although many of us function (barely) on 4 hours, it’s not enough for a healthy immune system. Cells in the immune system produce proteins called cytokines to fight infection and inflammation. Without enough sleep, your immune system cannot produce enough of these proteins and this may weaken your immune response, making you more susceptible to colds and flu. Go to bed earlier, don’t take your devices to your bedroom and take naps where you can.

Exercise regularly

Is there anything that exercise isn’t good for? We know that it boosts your mood, helps with physical appearance and improves your heart health. Regular exercise should be part of your plan to keep your immune system in balance.

Wash your hands

We’ve been told consistently to wash our hands. Good hand hygiene is actually the simplest way to make sure that you are protected against any viruses and bacteria. Prevention is better than cure.