South Africa has a rich history and truly diverse groups of people. We are inspired by our resilience, sense of humour and heart. With domestic travel on the table again, many people are eagerly planning their next trip. So, while you are exploring sunny South Africa and experiencing why local is lekker, here are some safety tips.

Check your car before hitting the road

Many of us have been working from home for a large part of this year. This meant no traffic! But it also means that your car has been out of commission for a while, or you used it a lot less. Make sure your vehicle is safe, and that your battery is still working and the tyre pressure is okay.
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Pack your emergency kit

If you don’t already have an emergency kit, this is your reminder to consider putting one together. Keep things like a torch, an emergency warning triangle, a warm jacket or blanket, snacks, water and a first aid kit in your boot.

Leave your home in safe hands

If you are going away for more than a couple of days, make sure that someone keeps an eye on your house. With a 22,5% discount from Maxidor, you can also make sure your house is burglar-proof.

Make sure your destination is safe

Ask your host whether they have the necessary safety and cleaning protocols in place. When you stay at accommodation with other guests, also make sure that you adhere to physical distancing in public areas.

Stay safe and mindful when you are out and about

Most of us cannot wait for a change, and we’re looking forward to the day we can relax and do life the way we used to. As exciting as this is, we must remember that Covid-19 is still pretty much a part of our lives and we need to keep ourselves and others safe.
Wear your mask, sanitise or wash your hands and keep a safe distance from others. Look for activities where you can safely practice physical distancing like hiking and choose outdoor seating when going to a restaurant.

Visit the South African Coronavirus information website for more information.

Remember to use your discounts and rewards smartly

We are feeling the financial pinch and we may had to cut in many areas – memories shouldn’t be one of them.

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