Whether you’re exercising to meet a specific goal or for the general health benefits, it’s important to have a workout plan that works for you. A good starting point is to understand the reason behind this lifestyle change so that you can draw motivation from it on days where you just don’t feel like exercising. Next, you must explore your options and come up with a plan to eliminate the excuses.

Why are you exercising in the first place?

The answer to this question will be a good starting point in determining the kind of exercise you should be doing. Whether you’re looking to build muscle and strength, lose weight or maintain physical activity, there are specific combinations of activities that can help you achieve this.

Explore your options

Staying fit does not have to be boring. You do not have to be stuck in a boring routine to achieve your goals, and you most certainly do not need to focus on just one type of exercise. Vary your workouts. Walk on some days, run on others and try group aerobics classes on other days.

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Take no excuses

  • Have both indoor and outdoor exercise options to rule out excuses over time of day and weather conditions.
  • Try to go to the gym early in the morning so that long meetings and responsibilities do not keep you from going in the afternoon.
  • Plan your workouts ahead of time so that you can save time.

If you’re considering working with a personal trainer, read this post first before signing any contracts.