Woolworths is now a Momentum Multiply partner! This means you as a Momentum Multiply member qualify for discounts at Woolworths Food stores in South Africa. In this post, we detail how the benefit works and how you can start taking advantage of it today.

How the benefit works

Starter members get 2% in cashbacks when buying Woolworths gift cards on the Multiply online shop, and Premier members get up to 12% in cashbacks.

To use the benefit, you must log in to the Multiply online shop and buy Woolworths gift cards of your desired value. Your cashbacks amount will be applied only to the gift cards that you buy on the Multiply online shop. This means that instead of paying a discounted price, you will get the percentage of your savings in cashbacks paid into your Multiply Money wallet.

How to use the benefit

Once you have purchased your Woolworths gift cards, we will send you a gift card code within two hours of successful order confirmation. Your card code will be sent via SMS to the number provided when you bought the gift card. You can make purchases online or in-store at any Woolworths food in South Africa using the gift card code.

Where to see your cashbacks

The cashbacks you earn when purchasing Woolworths gift cards will be paid into your Multiply Money wallet. Simply log in to the Multiply Money app and navigate to Activity. There, you will see your transactions history and cashbacks paid into your wallet.

Visit the Access your money page to download the Multiply Money app.

What you can do with cashbacks

You can use cashbacks for whatever you need using the Multiply Money card or mobile payments feature on the Multiply Money app.

You can decide to spend them or save them whenever you would like. If you would like to save your cashbacks, simply keep them in your savings wallet. Not only will you be saving them, but you will also earn interest on your cashbacks from the first cent you save.

Visit the Woolworths partner page to learn more about the benefit.