Multiply Money is a free benefit for Multiply members on Multiply Premier and Starter. If you are a Multiply Premier member, you will automatically get Multiply Money. If you are a Multiply Starter member, you will get Multiply Money the first time you earn cashbacks.

Multiply Money gives you access to a savings wallet and payment wallet where you can save your money, spend it or share it with other Multiply Money users. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the most of Multiply Money.

How to use Multiply Money

You can access Multiply Money from the Multiply Money app, the Multiply website and via USSD.

Log in using the same details you use for the Momentum and Momentum Multiply websites. You will automatically have a savings and payment wallet, and if you have a HealthSaver account, it will appear on the app too.

Multiply Money savings wallet

The savings wallet is where you can save the cashbacks you have earned at our partners and the money you have deposited into your Multiply Money or received from other Multiply Money users. If you keep your money in your savings wallet, you will earn interest on it from the very first cent you save.

Multiply Money payment wallet

The payment wallet enables you to spend your money whenever you need to. Simply transfer the amount of money you would like to use from your savings wallet to your payment wallet and make a mobile payment at selected retail partners or use your Multiply Money card to use the money anywhere you would like in South Africa. You can also send money to other Multiply Money users from your payment wallet.

If you would like to boost your savings, you can send money directly into your payment wallet from your bank account. Remember to transfer this money to your savings wallet if you would like to earn interest on it. You can transfer the money to HealthSaver to pay for your medical expenses as well.

Note that you will not be able to transfer money from your HealthSaver to your savings or payment wallets, but you can send money from your wallets to your HealthSaver.

Accessing your money

With Multiply Money, you do not have to give notice or contact us to access your savings. You have instant access to your money 24/7. You can access Multiply Money from the Multiply website, Multiply Money app and via USSD by dialling *120*685#.

The Multiply Money card

As a Multiply member with Multiply Money, you will be issued a Multiply Money card. This card can be used to make purchases anywhere in South Africa. If your card is linked to your HealthSaver, you will be able to use the money in your HealthSaver d at healthcare providers, pharmacies and even at the vet by swiping your card.

How Multiply Money can help you save smarter

Multiply Money has a savings tracker to help you set a personalised savings goal. You can edit your savings goal and track completed goals. We’ll send you progress notifications throughout your savings journey to keep you motivated and up to date with your savings goal.

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