We all have something worth saving for, whether it’s for that long-awaited holiday or special occasion, or simply to make provision for the rainy days. Saving may sometimes feel like an impossible task, something that only people with money are able to do. Multiply Money can help you get closer to your savings goals. Here’s how:

You already have it

As a Multiply member, you automatically have access to Multiply Money. Multiply Money is a free benefit that gives you access to a savings wallet and a payment wallet.

Your savings wallet earns interest from your very first cent and your payment wallet is where you spend your money from.

Multiply money

Multiply Money is designed to make you be mindful of your spending. When you transfer money from your savings wallet to your payment wallet, you consciously pause and think before dipping into your savings. So, your money is safe from your everyday expenses. 

Grow your money by making savings a habit

The best way to achieve any goal is with consistency, so make sure you save regularly.

Transfer money to your Multiply Money payment wallet from any South African bank account. Or even better, schedule a monthly payment. You won’t forget to save or leave saving until last, risking little or no money left in your account. Log in to multiply.co.za or the Multiply Money app to get your account details. With no minimum balances or deposits, you save what you can afford.


You can find out more here.

Make sure you transfer your money from your payment wallet to your savings wallet where it will grow at a great interest rate (linked to prime).

Boost your savings

You can earn cashbacks when you shop at our cashback partners. You get up to 12% in cashbacks for shopping at partners like ClicksDis-Chem, Woolworths and Pick n Pay. This means you build up your savings from the cashbacks you get, giving your savings that much-needed boost.

Set your goal

The Multiply Money app has a function where you can set and track your goals – so you’ll be able to monitor your progress and see your money grow.

You decide what you want to save for and then determine how long it will take to achieve your goal. Once you know how much you need to save and for how long, you can review your budget and see where you can cut costs or redirect spend. Add your monthly savings to your budget. If it’s on your budget, it’s easier to manage and make provision for.

If you don’t have the Multiply Money app yet, you can download it from Google Play, the App Store or the AppGallery.  

Accessing your money is simple

With no fuss and no stress, you can access your savings immediately, with no minimum waiting periods, no penalties and no conditions. You can’t withdraw money from an ATM or transfer money out of your wallet yet, but when you are ready to use your money, you can:

  • Pay anywhere in South Africa by using your Multiply Money card;
  • Make mobile payments at selected retailers by using the Multiply Money app;
  • Pay directly from your Multiply Money payment wallet when you shop on the Multiply online shop; or
  • Send money to other Multiply Money users.

So, no matter your journey, with Multiply Money your savings goals are closer than you think.