The mornings are getting a little colder and the evenings a bit closer. Although it feels natural – almost necessary – to retreat under the covers, don’t. Now is the time to keep going. You’ve worked hard since the beginning of the year to get fit and stay active.

As difficult as it may seem, here are a few tips to help you keep your momentum going.

Tip 1: Set short-term instead of long-term goals

It’s great to have long-term goals to guide you and it’s important to have these in place. But when it’s harder to stay motivated, set shorter-term goals. Looking at the big picture can be daunting, so create smaller milestones like weekly challenges. A great way to do this is through Weekly Wins. Achieve your weekly activity goal and get rewarded.

Tip 2: Celebrate your wins

This is one of those times where you should be rewarded for showing up. You did it, so reward yourself for it. However, don’t reward yourself with a pizza, but rather with something that is good for your overall wellbeing, like taking a pamper day or some time for yourself to read a good book.

Tip 3: Create a buddy system

Get a buddy as an accountability partner. Even better, do your workouts together. There is no better way to stay motivated than when the voice of reason is standing right next to you.

Tip 4: Play that funky music

Whether you’re into rock n roll or more of a pop fan, music helps you to get in the mood, get those endorphins pumping and your energy levels up. Create a workout playlist on Spotify and score some cashbacks.

Tip 5: Introduce some fun

Going for a run does not always seem like a fun thing to do. And as with most exercises, working out is hard. Make it fun – play, dance, or try something new. Why not try rebounding? Multiply Premier and Starter members get 30% in cashbacks on online bounti workouts and 15% in cashbacks on equipment with Lisa Raleigh. Read more about this benefit here.

Here are some outdoor exercise tips.