School fees. Where will the money come from when it’s time to send your kids to school? It’s something we often think about, even before a baby is born. The truth is that planning these things should start from day one. (And often, a financial advisor is a good first step).

What can you afford to save? If it’s not enough, how can I add more?

Thinking about education as an investment is a good start, because the money that you’re saving is invested in the market which means the risk is the same.

Before you start saving, here are five key questions to ask your financial advisor

1.     Should I keep the term of the investment fixed or open-ended? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two options?
2.     Will there be an annual premium escalation and, if so, will it be based on inflation or will it be fixed at a certain percentage?
3.     Are there any guarantees to the returns and capital?
4.     If not, what’s the risk and how can we minimise the possible risks?
5.     What happens with the money if I die before the savings term is over?
Once you’ve answered the above, you can choose between fixed deposits or a savings account? Then work out – keeping in mind the always unpredictable JSE and the Rand – your yearly increase.

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