With autumn setting in and temperatures dropping, we have a sneaky suspicion that workout motivation levels are also starting to dwindle, and we understand completely. Nevertheless, don’t forget about your summer/beach body goals. The weather will not be like this forever, make the right choices now to stay on track. Here are some gym bag essentials you must have this autumn.
1.      Running tights
These are an amazing addition to your autumn/winter workout wardrobe because you can wear them underneath your gym shorts or pants without feeling heavier. And because they are elastic, they make for a more comfortable fit, suitable for people of all shapes and sizes.
2.      Dry shampoo
There is nothing worse than walking around with wet hair on a cold day. Why don’t you opt for dry shampoo instead of washing your hair after each work out? Not only will it eliminate the chore that is washing your hair, but it will also save you the time you would have spent trying to dry it.
3.      Moisturizer
Ashy elbows and feet be gone! Your skin is likely to be dry in autumn and winter due to humidity levels dropping outside as the seasons change, which might result in the moisture on your skin evaporating quicker. Avoid this by applying a thick moisturizer after your post-workout shower.
What’s more? If you’re a Multiply member and you continue to hit 10 000 steps or burn 300 calories in a session, we’ll reward you with Active Dayz. What are you waiting for? Get active now!
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