Turns out, both running and walking provide numerous cardio benefits which lower your risk of heart disease and improve your overall health. The difference comes in when you consider your current fitness level and your health goals.

• I want to lose weight.
The winner: Running

Running burns 2.5x more calories than walking for the same time period. Plus running has been
shown to regulate the hormone that controls your appetite.

• I just want to improve my health.
The winner: both

Both running and walking are great cardio exercises that reduce blood pressure, cholesterol,
diabetes and heart disease. Choose the one you enjoy the most!

• I have pain or injuries.
The winner: Walking

Walking definitely has less of an impact on your joints and body than running. You’ll still get the         health benefits without harming yourself any further.

• I can’t run! I hate it!  
The winner: Whatever you enjoy

The key to exercise is consistency and adherence. If you dread doing something, it’s going to get more and more difficult to find the motivation to do it. So find a workout you enjoy doing, whether it’s walking, running, dancing, weightlifting or cycling.  If you feel you can’t run but want to, start with a beginner’s 5 km running programme. You can find many apps and programmes on the internet to help you get started.

We believe that how you move doesn’t matter – as long as you move. That’s why you can earn Active Dayz™ for any activity you do; whether you walk 10 000 steps, burn 300 calories, visit the gym or complete an event. No matter how you move, you’ll still score.