You’re staring at the screen. Deadlines are looming closer. You worry about that big meeting you need to prepare for. You think about the laundry piling up at home. That leaking tap which needs to be fixed. Partners/kids/family/friends who need your time and energy. You just remember you’ve missed your workout yet again. What would be the quickest thing to defrost and throw in the oven for supper?

Sound familiar? Our lives tend to be full of busyness and responsibilities and things we have to do for others. When last have you had the courage to put yourself first? 

Here’s why being selfish can be good for you:

1. You’ll be healthier
People who put themselves first tend to take better care of themselves. Carving out time for you to exercise, eat well, sleep enough and practice self-care will make you feel better about yourself and give you the energy to deal with whatever life throws at you. Don’t forget to schedule time with your gynaecologist, dentist and doctor for your annual check-ups as well, which will give you peace of mind. 

2. You’ll be able to give more to others
People who put themselves first invest in themselves before they invest in others. Making sure you have enough of what you need allows you to operate at your best and the more self-fulfilled you are, the more you’ll have to give to the causes and people who matter most to you. 

3. You’ll be happier
People who put themselves first spend their time doing activities they like to do as it enables a well-developed sense of who you are and what you enjoy. Whether it’s playing sports, reading, meditating, gardening, cycling or binge-watching your favourite series; doing more of what you love makes you a more positive, authentic, happier person.

So, are you ready to start putting yourself on the agenda? It doesn’t have to be a 4-hour spa visit or a 2-hour workout. It can be as simple as taking just a few minutes here and there for yourself.