Deciding that you want to take control of your health and start exercising is the easy part. The real work starts when you actually have to exercise. If you’re deciding whether to exercise at home or at the gym, here is our take on the pros and cons of exercise at home or at the gym. 

The pros of exercising at the gym 
– Access to state-of-the-art equipment: Depending on the gym you choose to join, you will have access to some equipment that you wouldn’t have otherwise had, unless if you bought it for your own home gym.  
– Access to professional trainers: You’ll be assisted by professionals in tailoring your fitness goals to your exercise routine, without having to spend countless hours doing your own research. 
– The atmosphere: If you struggle to feel motivated, being around like-minded people at the gym, with upbeat music playing in the background might just do the trick for you. 
– Variety: You can choose to join a group class on one day, work the machines on another, or even work with a personal trainer. This variety can contribute greatly to you feeling enthusiastic and excited by your exercise routine. 

The cons of exercising at the gym 
– Less privacy: Because a gym is a public space, you might often exercise in close proximity with other people, unlike when you exercise in the comfort and privacy of your home. The consolation is that the more you go to the gym, the more it will feel like home. 
– Gym fees: The idea of paying for something and not getting value out of it can motivate you to get off the couch and go to the gym so that you don’t waste your money. 
– Actually going to the gym: Unlike exercising at home, when you exercise at the gym, you must prepare beforehand, which typically involves packing a gym bag beforehand and driving to the gym. The consolation is: the more you go to the gym and see the benefits, the less you will feel like it’s a chore. 

The pros of exercising at home 
– Convenience: You won’t have to pack a gym bag to go anywhere, or have to get to the gym at a certain time so that you don’t miss a scheduled class. You can exercise as early and as late as you would like. 
– Cheaper: You may spend less money exercising at home, than if you joined a gym, unless if you  buy pricey gym equipment. 
– More privacy: At home, you can exercise alone, without the interference of strangers.

The cons of exercising at home
– Distractions: It will take discipline and determination to stay focused on exercise at home, even when there are situations that require your attention, like a double episode of your favourite TV show, or unexpected visitors popping by. 
– Requires more space: You might have to create space to move around and store exercise equipment in your home. And that might be challenging depending on your living space needs. 
– Boredom due to the lack of variety can make it easy to lose your focus and find allow yourself to fall off the wagon of exercising regularly. 

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