“Janu-worry” has finally ended, phew! But before planning anything for the year, consider the following ideas to help in how you manage your finances this year.  

1. Make regular payments on debts 
Pay on the agreed date every month. If you cannot make the payment, make the necessary arrangements. Not paying on time might reflect negatively on your record. 

2. Pay a little extra 
Paying a little extra on your credit repayments can help you pay off your debt earlier, and reflect positively on your record. 

3. Have a financial plan 
“Financial planning is a process that will assist you in realising your life goals by properly managing your finances.” –Momentum. Although the process can seem daunting, you will thank yourself for meeting with a financial planner and setting up a clear-cut financial plan. 
Here is a helpful financial planning resource

Bonus: You will get 20 points for just completing the financial wellness questionnaire, and 100 points for going for a yearly review with a financial adviser

4. Use bonuses and extra income wisely 
Instead of using your bonus or extra income on something you have been able to survive without all this time, consider paying off your debts instead. 

5. Save up for big purchases 
Instead of using a large percentage of your monthly earnings, and supplementing with credit to make big purchases, consider saving up. It may take longer for you to get what you want, but this way, you will not be stuck with another repayment installment on top of what you already have. 

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