We all know exercise is beneficial to your health. The long list of benefits include a healthy heart, deeper sleep, weight control, stress relief, increased energy, stronger muscles and bones, a longer life and yes, increased libido.

Here’s the thing though: scientists are discovering that if you just keep moving, you can enjoy all of these health benefits now and throughout your life. Studies show that people who move regularly during the day, doing normal activities such as walking, gardening or washing the car had lower cholesterol, blood sugar and abdominal fat.

Exercise vs. movement
All exercise is movement but not all movement is exercise. The word “exercise” brings thoughts of “I have to.”; “I should, although I really don’t want to.”; “I feel guilty for not exercising.” Exercise can feel like a chore and that is not sustainable, which is why most of our fitness resolutions never last. 

The word “movement”, however, has connotations of “I choose to move.” “I move the way I want to.” “My body is strong and capable of moving.” “Movement is a gift I get to give my body.” 

The most powerful thing about this is that every type of movement you do in your life counts.  

If you’re reading this, do this right now: keep your eyes, chin and chest as is and move the back of your head slightly backwards. This immediately increases the height of your head, decompresses the vertebrae in your neck, and stretches the small muscles in your head, neck, and upper back. You’re moving!

Other ways to gently move throughout the day include:
• Parking further
• Yoga poses at your desk
• Walking to lunch
• Taking the stairs
• Taking a stretch break every hour
• Tidying up the house before bed

It all adds up. 

At Multiply, we believe that how you move doesn’t matter – as long as you move. That’s why you can earn Active Dayz™ for any activity you do; whether you do yoga, play with the kids, dance by yourself, swim in the ocean, play golf or visit the gym. 

So move the way you want to. It’s enough.