Winter is back with vengeance which means instead of braving the cold to get a workout, we are sure you would much rather be snug in your sleeping quarters, eating comfort food and bingeing on some series. To avoid winter getting the better of you, biokineticist Suzana De Pina, from the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), offers some suggestions on how you can still be a lifter of weights and breaker of sweats.

Work out as a family or with a group of friends to make it more enjoyable. This is also great for consistency because you become accountable to each other and look forward to training together – building a sense of camaraderie and support to get you through.

Gym on the inside
Avoid those outdoor workouts and train indoors – whether it be in a gym or even your home. Training indoors means you don’t have to prepare for the cold at all. You can even workout in your office if it has a gym or take advantage of you lunch break and workout at a gym close by. 

Dress warm
If you do decide to brave the cold, be sure to invest in proper winter active wear to help you have the most productive workout possible. You can layer your clothing and remove layers during your workout. Remember to keep moving during your rest periods to stay warm – and if you really want to get warm, attempt a 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session. 

Pack your gym kit the night before to save time in the morning but also (and more importantly) to stay motivated enough to get up and get moving as quickly as possible. 

Slay goals
Winter is also a good time to set goals such as participating in a race or two, reaching a new personal best or joining a sports club with your friends. 

Stay on track by earning Active Dayz™, which also keeps you focused and accountable. Keep moving this winter – it is one of the best ways to keep warm.