Life is so expensive! If we start listing all the reasons to complain – from fuel prices to school fees to healthcare – we could soon slip into a spiral of despair. So instead, we collected some easy tips for you to cut costs on healthcare, so you can spend more on the things you love.

1. Ask for generics

You don’t need to have the brand-name drug for your condition. There may be some cases where one brand works better for you than another, but it’s worth asking your doctor to prescribe the generic where possible.

2. Negotiate provider rates

Speak to your doctor to check if you can negotiate the rates charged in line with what your medical aid option covers.

3. Get a quote

Ask for quotes from providers, such as dentists, before undergoing high cost treatment. Sometimes providers offer payment arrangements.

4. Use in-network pharmacies

Make use of pharmacies on the list of designated service providers from your medical aid, as they are contracted with the scheme and won’t ask for additional administration or dispensing fees on medication.

5. Make the most of your wellness and rewards programme

Make use of the health assessments offered by wellness and rewards programmes, such as Multiply, to help prevent the development of conditions that could involve costly treatment. Plus, you can also get rewarded with discounts and cashbacks as you take steps to improve your health.

Use these hacks to keep your out-of-pocket medical expenses to a minimum and get peace of mind.