We’ve all been there, you’re at the till paying for your groceries and the total due keeps adding up to no end, and you cannot take the items back because you need them. SnapnSave can help ease the burden on your pocket by giving you cash back when you shop in-store. What’s more, Multiply members get an additional 10% cash back when scanning their till slip using SnapnSave.

Let’s help you get started

Download the SnapnSave app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, create and link your account to your Momentum Multiply profile and start snapping.

How to link your SnapnSave account to your Momentum Multiply profile

  1. Log in to your SnapnSave account
  2. Go to Menu > Partner Bonuses
  3. Enter your ID number to link

You can link your account on both the website and the SnapnSave app.

How it works

Simply book the offers you want to buy, snap your till slip after paying and wait for the cash back to reflect in your SnapnSave wallet.

Visit the SnapnSave partner page for more information.

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