Are you barely hanging on, pushing yourself beyond your limit to reach the end of the year in one piece? We know the feeling. And with the year-end fast approaching, we know how stressful work can be. Here are five practical things you can do to fight end-year fatigue and stay motivated at work.

Stop and declutter

You cannot perform at your best if everything is lost in sticky notes, messy files and a cluttered inbox. It’s time to declutter.

  • Sort out your desktop
  • Start working through your sticky notes so that you can take them down
  • Prioritise tasks and assign them to specific days so that you can make progress


Break down all the big projects into smaller, actionable tasks so that you can feel less overwhelmed by the idea of tackling a “mountain of work”.

Don’t fall into the trap of procrastination

Right now is not the time to start procrastinating, or may very well have to deal with the backlog when you return to work after the festive season.

Start thinking about next year

If you wait for the beginning of the year to start planning your year, you might find yourself overwhelmed well into Valentine’s season. If there are projects that can be moved to the beginning of the year, start planning them now and free up your year-end for tying loose ends.

Get some inspiration

Sometimes half the problem is being uninspired. Plan the activities that you will be doing on your holiday, and see which partner discounts you will be taking advantage of this festive season. Not planning a getaway? No problem, you can always have an itinerary for your “staycation”. With partners like Ticketpros, Celestial Gift Experience, NuMetro, your staycation need not be dull.

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