With the excitement of fitness New Year resolutions steadily wearing off, and the reality of busy schedules becoming more apparent, you may be feeling tempted to fall into old habits. We challenge you to press on and focus on your goal. Here are three tips to help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your fitness goals.

1. Celebrate the small wins

celebrate the small wins, fitness, exercise, multiply blog, momentum multiply blog

Choose a method to measure your progress. For example, if your goal is to be more physically active so that you can lose excess weight, find an item of clothing to try on every month and take pictures of yourself wearing it. And don’t be shy to show off your progress to friends and family, you earned your bragging right!

2. Enjoy healthy competition

Healthy competition, fitness challenge, multiply blog, motivation

Few things can motivate us more than the fear of being the “loser”. Challenge your friends to a step or kilometre challenge every week. Kick it up a notch, and contribute towards a reward for the week’s winner. The reward can be something as simple as movie tickets or babysitting the winner’s children so that they can have an evening off.

Momentum Multiply members get Active Dayz™ for walking 10 000 steps a day, which converts to points that count towards your status so that you can get better rewards and discounts at our various partners. So, even if you lose the challenge with your friends, with Multiply, you are still winning. 

3. Keep our eye on the prize

focus, fitness goals, multiply blog, momentum multiply blog

Set milestones and give yourself small rewards for reaching them. If your goal is to be more physically active, and your chosen form of exercise is running; promise yourself a little reward once you’re able to run a certain distance and a bigger prize three months down the line for staying committed. This way, you will have something to look forward to.

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