South Africa moved to level 2 of the nationwide lockdown on Tuesday 18 August. The adjusted regulations saw several restrictions relaxed and some lifted. You can now go to the gym, provided you follow the regulations set by your gym. Here’s how to stay safe and help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

1. Find out what you can and cannot bring to the gym

Find out if you can bring your own gear like you used to pre-pandemic. For example, some gyms will not allow you to bring your own towel but instead will provide paper towels and sanitiser.

2. Be on time

Most gyms have their own schedule and booking system up and running, and expect members to only exercise during their booked time slots to avoid crowding. Contact your gym before your visit to iron out the process.

3. Physical distancing is still crucial

Even though we are in Lockdown Level 2, the pandemic is not over. Physical distancing is still vital. If you’re attending a class, stay within the space allocated to you and maintain a 1.5m distance from others.

4. Wipe down equipment before and after use

Wipe down all equipment you will be using before and after use with a sanitiser. Also, be sure to sanitise your hands after your workout.

5. Know when to stop

If you’re feeling unwell or are showing symptoms like coughing, fever, shortness of breath and sore throat, please stay home and seek medical attention. Remember to call your doctor prior to your visit to book an appointment, especially if you are showing these symptoms.

Visit the South African Coronavirus information website for more information.

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