Stretching your money till payday without dipping into your savings, or even worse, using your credit can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are some ideas to help you save as much as possible without being impractically frugal.

1. Avoid taking the easy way out

Takeaways and canteen lunches have to take a backseat if you’re going to make it to payday without dipping into your savings or credit unnecessarily. And no, home-made lunch boxes do not have to be boring.

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2. Make the most of your discounts and cashbacks

Take full advantage of the discounts and cashbacks available to you as a Momentum Multiply member. You would be surprised just how much you will save:

  • Up to 12% in cashbacks when you shop at Pick n Pay.
  • Up to 12% in cashbacks when you shop Dis-Chem.
  • You get a 10% additional cash back when you scan your till slip using SnapnSave.

Not sure how to get the additional cash back on SnapnSave?

Watch this video to see how to link your Multiply and SnapnSave profiles.

3. Don’t skip payments

Avoid skipping a payment on your current commitments so that you don’t have to make extra payments which were never included in your monthly budget in the first place.

4. Avoid credit

Getting into debt to reduce the strain on your pocket may seem like a quick solution right now, but in reality, the repayment instalment will become an added expense from the next payday onwards. So, consider this carefully before you commit to debt, or before increasing your credit.

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5. Bring back family night

Who said spending time at home has to be a drag? Whip out the board games and channel your inner champion. Kick it up a notch by putting a prize to it. It can be something as simple as giving the winner a break from a chore for one day.

Good luck!