As we are nearing the colder months, it’s important to make sure that our immune systems are ready to fight off anything that the winter throws at us. Vitamin C has been known to help build a strong immune system. But the benefits of vitamin C doesn’t stop there. Here are five reasons you should add vitamin C to your diet.

Reason 1: It boosts your immune system

Vitamin C is an essential part of your body’s arsenal for a strong immune system by helping your cells function better.

Reason 2: It is a powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants are molecules in the body that protect you against free radicals. Free radicals can cause stress in the body and lead to chronic disease.

Reason 3: Keeps your iron reserves healthy

Iron helps your body to transport oxygen-rich blood to help your body to function. Taking vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron better.

Reason 4: It keeps your skin healthy

Vitamin C helps with the production of collagen, one of the main building blocks of the skin. Collagen makes your skin look younger by plumping it up. This also helps with wound healing.

Reason 5: It protects your eyes

The American Optometric Association noted that vitamin C can reduce your risk of cataracts or developing age-related macular degeneration.

Your body doesn’t produce or store vitamin C, so the best way to get enough of it is by eating a balanced diet, full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are some great sources of vitamin C: