July is Savings Month! And we will not miss an opportunity to show you some great ways to make the most of your money. As a Momentum Multiply member, saving can be easier than you think. We’ll show you how.

1. Have a budget to help you manage how you spend your money

Budgeting will never be out of fashion, and it’s one of the best ways you can manage your money. It can help you keep track of your spending and show you regular expenses you may need to start planning and those you need to cut back on.

2. Build an emergency fund

Life has many unexpected twists and turns, and often, extra money is needed to navigate them smoothly. An emergency fund can help a great deal when faced with unforeseen expenses. Did you know that you can build an emergency fund using Multiply Money? You will also grow your money by earning interest on your savings!

Watch this video to learn more about growing your savings with Multiply Money.

3. Avoid panic buying

First, it was the hand sanitiser, then the toilet paper and other groceries, and lately, some people have been panic buying alcoholic beverages. Panic buying can lead to unnecessary spending. Think and plan carefully before purchasing anything in bulk.

4. Shop at the right places

Ever heard the saying, “right place, right time”? As a Momentum Multiply member, this applies to your shopping as well. If you shop at Pick n Pay, Makro or Dis-Chem for your groceries, you can get up to 12% in cashbacks!

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5. Don’t skip your instalments

Continue servicing all your debts as per your arrangements to avoid getting a poor credit record. If your income has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, notify your creditors and make the necessary arrangements.

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