Winter was hard…on most of us. But with winter solidly in the rear-view mirror, and with Chariots of Fire playing in the back of our minds, we can finish this year strong! Here’s how to stay motivated.

Don’t skip your Active Dayz

It may be hard to get your groove back after the long hibernation. So, start small – but just start. Whether you take a walk or take up a challenge, just get moving. Plus, you get rewarded for being active and staying healthy.

Go outside

We’re stuck behind computers, the TV or our phones for large parts of the day. Being outside is good for your physical and mental well-being. It boosts your mood, lowers stress and you score some vitamin D.

Plan, plan, plan

There are only a few months left of the year. So, write down what still needs to be done and make a plan to achieve these goals. Tick them off as you go.

Look forward to something

During times of uncertainty, it is important that we create small wins for ourselves and our families. Plan something – irrespective of how small it may seem. This gives you something to look forward to or work towards. Maybe it’s time for a weekend away or a picnic in your garden.

Don’t overdo it

It’s easy to get trapped in the end-of-year rush. Take it one day at a time. Set realistic goals and do what you can.