Right, you and the crew are in a hurry. You’ve looked at the weather forecast: it’s a beautifully calm day with no wind, high tide was earlier in the morning and a wonderful, lazy swell in the waves promises bodyboard sessions of epic proportions.

But hold up Turbo. Just a mo’. We’re here to help you enjoy the sunshine and not resemble a cherry tomato when you’re packing up for home. We’ve all sympathised with ‘the UK tourist on his first day in Jeffries.’ Ouch!

Don’t be shy with the suntan lotion. Slap a dollop on your body from your toenails to your neckline. Apply another bulk load to that beautiful face of yours. Do this before putting on that gorgeous new cozzie and kaftan combo.

SPF doesn’t stand for Send Profiteroles, Frances! Nope, it stands for Sun Protection Factor. Dermatologists implore sun-worshippers to choose a sunblock with an SPF that works with their skin type. Dry, oily, normal, or sensitive – each one’s earth suit needs its own special kind of care.

Choose one that protects you from the sun’s rays and make it a double layer to ensure further protection from the full spectrum of UVA damage. Some of those feisty sunrays will always get through and have a party on your skin. A double layer will turn down the volume somewhat.

Much like that mouth-watering dip in your fridge for a snack plate after a day at the water’s edge, know that suntan lotion also has an expiry date. It loses its potency over time, so that near-empty bottle from days gone by will not provide proper protection.

Mist your scalp. We’re talking protection all the way up to your hair follicles. Invest in a suitable spray sunscreen. If there is no spray in the beach bag, simply wear a hat. Even if the hat has S.W.A.G. or Living My Best Life or Who Cares written on it; if it’s so wide it knocks everyone in the face or if it has an embroidered bucket on it – we don’t care. Just wear it!

Have a blast and never stand with your back to the ocean. But you know that!