Fair enough, the 1st of January is long gone, and your New Year’s resolutions most probably went flying out the window like a promotional brochure in a southeasterly gush. If you’ve managed to stick with those NYRs, a polite golf clap then – you may enjoy that pastry with your next cup of coffee. If not, know you’re only human … you can pick yourself and centuries of clutter up off the ground, dust yourself and that old record player with the faulty wiring off and declutter like the boss you are.

Do you really need two pineapple peelers that sent half your family to the emergency room for stitches? Are you in all truth going to find a use for those bunk beds stacked in the double garage and dangerously becoming a hibernation station or swampy ecosystem for crawlies? Do you have a plethora of expired medicine in the back of the cabinet with potential radio-active qualities complemented by a mysterious whiff that left you slightly nauseous on opening? And has THAT DRAWER THAT EVERY HOUSEHOLD RIGHTFULLY HAS transformed into wall-to-wall Cabinets of Mystery?

Here then, short and sweet and practical tips for when you get your declutter jam on.

You see all those flat surfaces with bits and bobs, and odds and ends – clear it. AND KEEP IT CLEAR. We’re not asking you to feng shui the TV room – everyone and his dog knows it’s a near-impossible task.

Have you heard of the one-in-one-out rule? Nope? Why every generation doesn’t teach their offspring this is beyond comprehension. Well, here it is – don’t purchase anything new until you get rid of something already in your possession. Note, this isn’t relationship advice, stay in the zone, we’re decluttering today.

Then, we’re calling it a day, with a third and final tip. (We’re not big on long lists. That is so 2021.) Baskets are your friends. It’s one of the easiest ways to separate and store items. And it makes you look like you’ve got it together. Bring it! Basket it! Try to not let it become THAT DRAWER over time. If it does, so be it. Your house is a home, after all, and there’s no place like it.