Add savings to your monthly budget and see your rands go further.

1. Know where your money goes

Many of us only hear the beep of our money coming in – and then promptly out again – at the end of each month. Between the debit orders going off and the many swipes at the shops, we’re left with heart palpitations when we log in to our banking app. A plan helps you to know where your money goes – what you need to pay first and then what you have left over to save and use.

2. See where you are overspending

Spending money has never been easier. You simply tap your card, often without thinking twice about your purchase. All these costs add up, and there is no better way to see how many coffees you bought this month than by doing the math. Redirect that money to your savings and see what happens.

3. Set short-term and long-term goals

With a plan mapped out for your money, you’ll see how you can direct money towards your financial goals. Some can be achieved in a few months, like saving for your next holiday, and some can give you the assurance that you or your family’s future is taken care of.


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