High-tech DNA analysis is not just used to solve crimes in the movies or on your favourite tv shows. These tests have become so advanced that they can tell you about possible wellness risk factors, your mental health and even what ingredients you need to add to or avoid in your skincare routine. They can also help us understand how we function optimally and identify potential health risks down the line.  

Here are some areas that you can improve by knowing your genetic makeup. 

It helps you with a healthy diet 

A DNA test can show you if you have any possible food sensitivities, allergies or intolerances and tell you what you need to eat to manage your weight and be healthy. 

It helps with enhancing your sport performance  

Want the maximum benefit from training? A DNA test can show you how to optimise your training, help you to better understand your risk for soft tissue injuries and give you an indication of the best recovery times.  

It helps you understand and improve your mental health  

If you are worried about mental illness – personally or because of a family history – related to addiction, cognitive decline or mood disorders, your DNA can help you identify any risk factors. It can also inform the best treatment in future.  

Each person’s healthcare needs are unique, and when you know what you need to function optimally, you can live a healthier life and even prevent certain diseases or health issues. Genetic screening allows you to take control of your health and make informed decisions about what is best for you, whether it is related to your diet, any medications, or your risk for certain illnesses.  

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