Sitting in traffic is part of our daily lives and for some, more so than others. This frustrating commute negatively affects our physical health, emotional wellbeing and overall happiness.

For many South Africans there is no alternative – we have to get to work. But there are ways that you can make your trip a bit lighter.

  1. Plan your time better in the mornings. If you’re rushed and forgot half of your things at home, the commute is going to be challenging.
  2. Leave a little earlier to avoid the worst of the traffic in the mornings. If your working conditions allow for it, you can then also leave a bit earlier.
  3. When you know that you’re in it for the long haul, bring some entertainment along. This is an opportune time to listen to an e-book or your favourite tunes on the radio. This will take your mind off of the stressful environment, but remember to still be mindful of other road users.
  4. If you’re standing still at a traffic light or in traffic, do some neck and back stretches, but be sure to still keep your eye on the road. Read here on how you can use yoga as a way to stay calm in traffic.
  5. Pack a snack so that you don’t arrive at home hangry and frustrated. Think of healthy, easy-to-eat foods like nuts, dark chocolate or biltong.

Cycling or walking to work is first prize. If this is not a possibility for you, consider starting a lift club. You save money and keep each other company during these challenging times. And if you are safe while driving or as a passenger, you can earn Safe DayzTM.