Frying gets a bad rep, deep frying even more so. Did you know that there is scientific evidence which shows that cooking methods do matter?
Cooking on high heat, for example, can change the protein structure in meat into chemicals that can could irritate the body. What’s more is that if fat drips into a fire, the smoke that is released can also be hazardous to your health.
With Spring around the corner and Summer on its way, braais are a great way to cook and can be healthy too. Here’s how: 

6 quick braai tips 

1.     Always pick a leaner cut of meat.
2.     Make sure your meat is not too close to the fire.
3.     Use thinner marinades as thicker marinades char more easily.
4.     Line your grill or braai with tinfoil so that juices don’t spill.
5.     Try grilling more veggies. If there’s no protein, you don’t have to worry about changing the protein structure.

6.     Cook for shorter times, don’t allow your meat to overcook or char.