Your Healthy Heart Score gives a good indication of the current health of your heart. Depending on the score you get, you will have to take specific actions to improve your health.

You already know that a Multiply member gets a standard 30 points for a Healthy Heart Score, and an additional 30 points for an amber one, and 70 for a green one. But you get much more than just points for a Healthy Heart Score.

Other benefits of knowing your Healthy Heart Score

  • It will show you if you are causing long-term damage to your heart and your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, one of the leading causes of death in South Africa. 
  • This insight will help you know where you need to make the relevant adjustments timeously.
  • Get practical tips from us on how to improve or manage your health measures.
  • It can help you monitor your progress if you have made some health changes recently.

Want to know your Healthy Heart Score?

Visit your nearest Dis-Chem, Clicks, Multiply-affiliated pharmacy, or a BASA-approved biokineticist for a health assessment, and tell them that you are doing the assessment for Multiply so that they can update your measurements with us.

What to expect at a health assessment

The nurse will measure your blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, height, weight, waist circumference during a health assessment. These measures, along with your age, gender and smoking status, will be used to determine your Healthy Heart Score.

For more detailed information, visit the Healthy Heart Score page.

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