It’s less than a month to go before Multiply Adventure Challenge at Riversands Family Farm. We’ve gathered a few professional OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) athletes to share their top training tips for the race.

Consistency wins

For the weekend warrior or even first-timers, the top tip would be the same as I advise a lot of my WarriorFit athletes – “consistency wins”. It’s better to keep to a consistent training routine, rather than smashing one day really hard, then not being able to walk for 3 days afterwards.

Even if your routine is running or gym twice a week; just stick to it. Getting off the couch and into the habit of training is the hardest part of training; not the actual training.

Thomas van Tonder (Professional OCR Athlete & SA OCR Champion 2018)

Be explosive

Focus on your explosiveness during training – a strong plyometric base will make you more efficient through the obstacles.

Michelle Meyer (Professional OCR Athlete)

Bring on the intensity

Incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions into your workouts that combine running, alternating with various exercises. Make sure that some of these sessions last for a duration that will simulate what you predict your race time to be.

The Multiply Adventure Challenge is a fairly short distance (3.5km) compared to most OCR races, so you will likely push yourself a little harder and faster than you do on the longer courses, inevitably increasing you heart rate above what you are used to. If you can simulate this feeling in training, you will feel a lot more “comfortable” during the race.

Dominique D’Oliveira (Professional OCR Athlete)

So are we going to see you at the Multiply Adventure Challenge? Enter now!