Is your home load shedding ready? With load shedding now a more regular occurrence, many people are switching to gas home appliances. Just like with electrical appliances, there are safety precautions you must take to ensure your safety when using gas. Here are a few safety tips for using gas at home.

Make sure there is sufficient light before you operate gas appliances

If load shedding strikes at night, make sure you have sufficient light so you can see what you are doing when handling gas appliances. This means keeping your torches or torch apps handy.

Gas storage

Spare gas cylinders should always be kept in an outside enclosure or in a well-ventilated area. Be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight or other heat sources.

Don’t misuse

Never use your gas stove or oven for anything other than cooking i.e. using your gas oven to heat up your home or room.

Size up correctly

Make sure you use the correct size gas cylinder/bottle for the appropriate appliance (i.e. a 9kg gas cylinder for a gas heater).

Look out for warning signs

Here are things to look out for that indicate your gas appliances may be faulty:

  • Lazy yellow or orange flames from your gas cooker. The flame should be blue and crisp.
  • Excessive condensation on your windows.
  • Black marks and stains on and around your gas appliance.

Gas appliances can be unsafe without displaying these sign so make sure they are checked every year.

Make doubly sure that you’re safe

Ensure that you are extra careful when handling gas appliances:

  • Make sure you understand and follow manufacturer guidelines.
  • Make sure your appliances are properly turned off after use.
  • Keep kids away from these appliances.

Click here for an extensive safety guide for your specific appliance.