In a previous post titled You’ve joined Momentum Multiply, now what?, we shared the first five things you must do after joining Momentum Multiply so that you can get the most out of your membership. In this post, we pick up from where we left off and share five more things to do so that you can start earning your rewards.

1. Get cover with Momentum

You get points every year for having cover with Momentum (Momentum medical scheme, car and home insurance, life insurance, investments and savings).

2. Earn Active Dayz™ for being active

Active Dayz™ is our way of rewarding you for being physically active. There are five ways to earn Active Dayz™, and you can choose to do all or any of these activities to earn your Active Dayz™. You will get one point for every active day.

  • Walk 10 000 steps in one day
  • Burn 300 calories in one exercise session
  • Visit the gym
  • Complete an elite event
  • Play a round of golf

3. Go for a fitness assessment

If you live an active lifestyle but are not able to track that with a fitness tracking device or app, you can go for a fitness assessment to earn your rewards. You will receive comprehensive feedback, and an overall fitness level, which can be printed or emailed to you.

Find a BASA registered biokineticist near be printed and you to book your fitness assessment.

4. Earn Safe Dayz™

Safe Dayz™ is our way of tracking how safe you are when you are on the road. You will be allocated a daily score the following day based on each trip you made on the previous day.

How to start earning Safe Dayz™

  1. Open or download the Momentum app.
  2. Log in using your Momentum login details.
  3. Activate Safe Dayz™ by clicking ‘’OK” on the location settings pop-up, allowing the Momentum app to track your location.
  4. Drive safely, take the train or have a drive-free day to earn Safe Dayz™.

The Momentum app is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

5. Start earning cashbacks

Activate your Dis-Chem and Pick n Pay benefit, and get up to 12% in cashbacks.


Visit the service desk at your nearest Dis-Chem store with your ID, Multiply membership card or client number. You will be given a new Multiply and Dis-Chem card.

Pick n Pay

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Rewards › My Partner Rewards, click on Pick n Pay and add your Smart Shopper card number.
  3. Call 0861 88 66 00 with your Pick n Pay Smart Shopper number. You can also SMS the word ‘PnP’, your ID number and your Smart Shopper number to 47214. Example: PnP, 7712345678945, 1234567891234567.

Remember to download the Multiply Money app so that you can manage your cashbacks easily.