Can you believe we’re just two weeks away from Black Friday? Here are some great ideas to add to your Black Friday game plan so that you can make the most of the deals available out there.

Pick your favourites

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Rule number one: Don’t fall into the trap of impulse buying.

  • Make a list of the things you need and would like to get a good deal on.
  • Don’t buy anything that isn’t on your Black Friday shopping list.

Tip: Prepare in advance by saving the items you would like to buy on your wishlist and add them to your cart as soon as the discount is applied.

Get social

Sign up for Black Friday newsletters and alerts from your favourite online shops so that you can be notified once the deals are available.

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Compare prices

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Just because it’s Black Friday, it doesn’t mean all shops have the same discount for the things you are looking for, so compare prices.

Tip: Take advantage of online shopping and compare prices online instead of walking from shop to shop.

Don’t shop when you are bored

Some of the silliest purchases happen when you are browsing through a shop out of boredom. At the end of the day, shopping is still going to cost money, so spend it wisely.

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