Staying motivated to exercise can be challenging, especially in autumn and winter when it’s cold outside. This year, it’s even more challenging because we have very limited exercise options. However, exercise can have positive physical and mental effects. What better time to maximise on that than right now? Here are three ways you can stay motivated to exercise amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Set a goal

Having something to look forward to can be just what you need to help you stay focused. If weight-loss is your goal, have an item of clothing you no longer fit into that you want to fit into again. Focus your efforts towards that. If maintaining your weight is what you’re after, weigh-in every week to make sure you’re still on track.

2. Get competitive

A little healthy competition doesn’t hurt. Challenge your friends and family to stay active. Set a common goal like walking the most steps in the week and reward the winner with cash, for example.

3. Eat right

Not having enough energy can be the cause of concentration loss during a workout. Eat wholesome, healthy food to make sure that your body has all the nutrients it needs.

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