Being a Multiply member right now is like finding money you didn’t know you had in a jacket you last wore a year ago -it’s an amazing feeling. Here’s how to make the most of your Multiply membership, especially now.

Multiply your fitness

It’s no groundbreaking discovery that staying physically active during a lockdown is challenging. But there is no better time to get back on the fitness bandwagon if you are in good health. Let us help you stay motivated.

If you walk 10 000 steps in a day or burn 300 calories in one exercise session, you will get an active day which converts to one Multiply point. The more points you get the better your rewards –And we’re talking about actual cashbacks and discounts here.

Visit our partner rewards page to see how much you can get in cashbacks and rewards.

Multiply your money

Daily expenses starting to stress you out? With Multiply Money, you already have a trick up your sleeve to help with daily expenses and additional day-to-day medical expenses that creep up from nowhere.

You can pay for your essentials or anything else with your Multiply Money card. You can also use it to pay at healthcare providers with the funds in your HealthSaver.

Staying safe with Multiply

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We reward you for your efforts to stay safe. If you drive safely and get a safety score of 60% or more, we will reward you with a safe day, which is equivalent to one Multiply point. And just like the points you earn for Active Dayz™, these points count towards your status and the cashbacks and discounts you receive when shopping at our partners.

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