Women are generally considered to be safer drivers than men. However, being safe on your trip is not only about how you drive, but it’s also about what you do when you reach your destination, and how you react to danger. Here are some safety measures for women, especially when driving alone.

1. Have an emergency kit

Always have a few snacks, a jacket, a little cash and cellphone in your vehicle to provide comfort as you wait for assistance if your car breaks down.

2. Be cautious of where you park your car

  • Park in a well-lit area that is not isolated.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Minimise distractions like being on the phone so that you can see what is happening around you.
  • Don’t linger around in the car to avoid being vulnerable to predators.

3. Keep your valuables out of sight

Keep your handbag and valuables like your cellphone, wallet and laptop bag out of sight so that you don’t attract chancers.

4. Make vehicle maintenance a priority

If you identify something wrong with your car or hear a sound you are not used to, don’t ignore it. Take your vehicle in for repairs or service when it is due to lessen the chances of having a breakdown.

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5. Don’t just stop for anyone

If the police stop you, only open your window a few centimetres and ask to see identification first.

Not sure about your rights and obligations when stopped by a traffic officer at a roadblock or for roadside checks? Watch this video.

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