Many have learned new skills, tried new hobbies and found hidden talents throughout the Lockdown –which is great. And since non-essential service workers adapted to working from home at one point or another during this period, home cooking took centre stage. If you followed our #MultiplyMe challenge earlier this year, you know what we mean. Although home cooking has its advantages, like giving you more control over how food is prepared, you may have found yourself spending a lot more than you had planned.

Here a few smart ways to shake off bad lockdown grocery shopping habits so that you can get your money in tip-top shape and your savings efforts back on track.

1. Check if on sale items actually save you money

Before you load your trolley with items on sale, be sure to compare the regular price per unit with the sale price, especially when buying in bulk.

2. Do you really need that?

Avoid impulse purchases. Buy things that were already on your shopping list.

3. Make the most of your discounts

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Want to multiply your savings?

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