2020 has been a long year and we all had to dig deep to stay motivated and on track with our fitness goals. Not only were we restricted in terms of space, but we also had to stop going to our favourite gym or exercise group for a while.

Now, as we are nearing the end of the year – and gyms are open again – we need to give that last bit of effort before we take a well-deserved break over the holidays. It’s a challenge, but here’s how you can stay motivated.

Do something fun

Think out of the box when you approach exercise. Unless you’re an avid runner, going for a quick 40-minute jog/run does not sound enticing. Do something you like, and even better, try to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Choose the right time of the day

Summer is here and some days can be scorchers. Don’t exert yourself on the warmest parts of the day. Exercise early in the morning at sunrise or wait until it is a bit cooler in the afternoons. The heat dehydrates you faster and steals your energy. Remember to fuel up and hydrate properly on these days.

Ask a friend to join you

Exercising with a friend is both fun and motivating. When one of you is not in the mood, the other can keep you accountable. You’ll also see that time flies when you have a friend to keep you company.

Do it anyway

Your motivation may be low, but exercise anyway. Starting is the hardest part. Put on your tekkies, start your favourite song on your workout playlist and just do your best.

You can do it, you’re almost there!